As I am sure each of you already know, you are all much, much smarter than me. Better looking too. You dress better, smell better, and are more suspicious than me. And it is this last characteristic of my dear readers that led one of you, whom I will call Ben because that is his name, to point out that my last post on digital drivers’ licenses did not answer one very important question: is it really a good idea to hand over your unlocked mobile phone to a police officer so that they can check your digital driver’s license?

Ben asks a very sensible question and I am sorry I did not think to answer it in my previous article. The answer is a not as simple as ‘yes it is a great idea, do it right now’ or ‘no, it is a really stupid idea, almost as stupid as not addressing a key issue in a supposedly informative blog post’.

However due to my oversight I feel I have lost all credibility to write about this topic and I have no doubt you have certainly lost all enthusiasm to read yet another long blog post from me. I am amazed you have made it this far, frankly.

So instead, I have prepared a flowchart that helps to answer the questions of: when can the police search through your mobile phone? And can they ever force you to unlock your locked phone so they can search through it, including by forcing you to stare into its camera so that the cool face identification feature unlocks it?

The flowchart is below. Don’t worry, it only looks small (not the first time I have said that). Click on it to generate a larger version (if only I could say that).

And if anyone else thinks I have missed anything in my writing, including any talent or ability, please feel free to hit me up about it via email. Or just hit me. I deserve it.