This Is Not Legal Advice

But it might teach you how to use the law to your advantage…


Well hello there, beautiful person. Now before you ask: yes, I did create this website myself. From the beginning of our journey together, I wanted to set your expectations of what to expect from me to a very low setting. Expectations set? Right, let’s go.

What is this website about? Well, it is about me.

After working as a lawyer for over 12 years, I realised one bright sunny day that I got the most pleasure from my work when I delivered honest, sensible, and practical advice that actually helped to solve the real life legal issues of my family, friends, and random strangers.

So I started writing a few little pieces on the way the law worked (and didn’t work) in the real world, covering topics I was never taught in law school but that we have all faced at some point, probably at multiple points, in our lives. Three and a bit years later, I had written a book about how anyone can use the law to improve their and their family’s lives, without taking advantage of others in the process.  I called it The Following Does Not Constitute Legal Advice because it sounded cool and I could get the domain name for it for a good price.

Early reviews of the book were promising. My mum called it a ‘good attempt’ and said she was ‘proud of me for trying my hardest’, while my brother enjoyed it so much he left it on a bus seat for someone else to find and enjoy. He then left the second copy I gave him in the trash because he thought it was ‘too good for this world’.

I sold a few copies to my very kind friends, family, and poor co-workers. Life was good. Then the world up and went to poop in 2020 with bushfires and a pandemic hitting us all in rapid succession. So much joy and calm has been lost since that time. It no longer felt right to try and convince people to buy my book when so many others were struggling so much more than I.

So, once the last hardcopy of my book sold to a very old friend from high school who I will call Luke because that is his first name, I decided to make the best bits of the book available on this silly little website, blog form, in the hope that someone very kind and very attractive and very bored – that’s you, by the way – will come along and find a bit of peace and joy in reading my little ramblings about the law.

You can contact me on Twitter at @JustJuttie if you want to share your thoughts with me, or email me if your feelings on my writing require more than can be expressed in 280 emoji poo characters.

If you like what you read and want to give something back, perhaps you could consider making a tax-deductible donation to Writing New South Wales or to Animals Australia. Thank you, truly. xoxo